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  • DO NOT BREAK KAYFABE! If kayfabe is broken, your promo will not count! Kayfabe counts as using names and personal information outside of storylines and promos.
  • If you can't promo post how long you will be out on the leave of absence in the forums. If you don't, you will lose whatever match you're involved with unless your opponent(s) did the same thing. You will never win a championship if you do not post.
  • No challenging people to titles matches or taking their titles.
  • No random backstage beatdowns.
  • No racism. Period.
  • Promo's must be more than a few sentences. If the promo is not then you will not receive credit for the promo.
  • No mentioning other stream sites or E-Feds besides XMW and partner sites, because no one here cares. Anything you accomplished elsewhere doesn't matter.
  • Remember, its about quality, not quantity.
  • You can't destroy anything in the authority figures office or anything to that effect.
  • The authority figures are the General Manager(s). Not Jacob Steele.
  • Make sure if your going to use someone in a promo they know about it.
  • Its alright if you try to start a fued within a promo, but don't try to make a storyline out if it. If you have a storyline idea talk to Jacob Steele about it.


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2:51 PM on July 13, 2013 

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Reply Damien Darkheart
9:12 PM on June 24, 2013 

Endless nightmares await us all, as the years will slowly and slowly turn to dust before us. Because the hourglass of time has been turned upside down ontop of itself. Evil...Distain...Damnation...All come to pass when events such as these show themselves to humanity. And when humanity shows itself to these events, all perish and all burn along the edges because of the heat of the battles that are to come. Battles that Jon Kelton...Battles that Raven Styx...Battles that even myself will not walk away from with a hundred percent of us again. I know that with my fate, comes the fate of all hatred for these pathetic humans that are around me. And when I die...all things on this plane of existance shall fall down into the abyss with me. Do I welcome it? Yes I do. Do I encourage it? Yes again I do. It is not about all the gold, or any of the glory. It is all about the pain...all about the endless scarring of the soul while I am on this earth. But do we ever need to learn from our mistakes here on this earth? I know we never do, none of us. Just like my mistakes have taken there tolls on me. Just like last year I was destroyed by a monster, I was burned...I was scorched by a demon that haunted my existance for the longest of the times. My demons are let out, but yours Kelton? But yours Styx? Yours have yet to be seen by the light of day in XMW. But do not worry either of you...

I will be brought to the light...

Reply Henderson
10:25 AM on June 20, 2013 

(A jail room is shown where Henderson is sitting quietly looking down. Suddenly, a click is heard in his door as Henderson gets alerted. The officer enters through the door as Henderson seems displeased. However, the officer smiles at him)

Officer: Looks like you finally get your first match there.

Henderson: (looks up at him)

Officer: too good to be true right? But believe me that ‘s the report I got from the HQ. They even sent your tickets. You are in a show called Affliction facing a guy called Austin Klein.

Henderson: (looks down again)

Officer: Come on say something about your opponent. I hear they call that ‘hyping up your match’ or in informal language ‘promo’. It’s like sending a message to your opponent telling him why you will beat him and why you are better than him. I always find that interesting. Why don’t you say something? I will pass it on to the HQ so that they can put it up in their site.

Henderson: Not interested. Those shit are not for me. Those are for the weak to hide their physical disabilities behind words so that they can be taken seriously. I am not weak

Officer: Of course you are not weak. I mean you killed four fully grown men in their hideout didn’t you?


Officer: Calm down Henderson. If you really want to bring justice to their souls go out there and beat every wrestler that comes your way. I have seen those clips your father took while you were practicing wrestling at your backyard. Trust me; I have never seen someone of that age do so much. You are talented and so don’t waste it. If you go out there no one and I repeat no one can stand up to you. Beat down your opponents and rise up the ladder and only then will you be able to force your story down the throats of the people. Only then will you be able to raise a revolution against such crimes. Killing and rage will only land you into further trouble and will make you rot in this four wall room. Trust me, nothing good has come out of this jail so get out, get out there and make a name for yourself

Henderson: (looking down and thinking deeply for few minutes) take me there, take me to Affliction

(The officer smiles as he calls in his assistants to escort Henderson out of the room)

2:21 PM on June 19, 2013 

Altair Sola vs. Slash Xander vs. Tyson Michaels

Altair is shown at his two million dollar house in his hometown of Orlando. There are multiple people seen walking and talking with glasses of wine and other drinks in hand in the background. A woman comes over to Altair and takes his glass from his hand, seeing it is empty. Altair nods at her, his way of saying thank you. He turns to the camera.

Altair Sola. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the name of your new favorite wrestler. It is also the name of the winner of one of two triple threat matches on Affliction this week. I am honored to be apart of XMW's revival and what better way to kick start my career here than to beat not one, but two asses in one night on the second show? I plan on defeating Slash Xander and Tyson Michaels and my plans are rarely foiled. I will bring class to this company. Tyson claims to have a ton of money and "don't care what anybody else thinks 'cause he can back it up". Well Tyson, I want you to prove you can back it up. And without using those brass knuckles which is your selected weapon. Also, get a grammar check in the process. It's 'does not' and 'because'. Idiota.

Altair shakes his head as another glass of wine is brought to him by the woman. 

Grazie. As for Slash, I don't have very much to say about this man as his XMW.com profile does not give me much information. Apparently, his biggest fear is "reaching his ceiling". Now, I have no idea of what this means but I have a few guesses. Something along the lines of reaching your breaking point, perhaps? Your end? Whatever the real definition is, it has no real meaning to me. I don't care about life stories nor sob stories. You can be a dad, a hoodrat or an ex-convict. I will still take you to your limit, test your might if you will. Altair Sola does not play games and he does not joke around when it comes to matches. Vi mostrerò alcuna pietà e tutto soffrirò. Fino alla prossima volta, buona giornata. 

He takes a sip of his wine and disappears in the crowd of people around him as the scene fades to black.


Reply Henderson
11:25 AM on June 19, 2013 

(An XMW interviewer is seen walking inside the Louisiana State Penitentiary. After viewing their permissions, they are allowed inside and are lead by officers to the guest house where one can meet the prisoners. They are told to sit and after few minutes, the police bring in prisoner. He is made to sit in front of the interviewer as he pushes a paper in front of the prisoner)

Interviewer: Mr. Henderson you will be delighted to hear that you have been accepted in XMW. We have come from the Louisiana office to get a few words from you.

(Henderson gazes at the paper and then at the man and then at the cameraman. He stares at him for quite some time and everyone but the officer is confused about what is going on)

Officer: Excuse me sir, but Henderson here does not like the cameraman recording this stuff. He wants the camera to be shut down immediately.

Interviewer: But that is the most essential……

Henderson: DO WHAT HE SAYS YOU SON OF A BITCH OR ELSE…..(He rises up from his seat in an attempt to catch the interviewer but is pulled back by the officer)

Officer: Whoa Henderson didn’t I tell you to keep calm in front of visitors. Didn’t I tell you that the consequences will be severe otherwise?

(Henderson looks at the officer in disgust and then looks at the visibly shaken interviewer. He then looks at the officer again and the officer passes the interviewer a paper)

Officer: In here you will find out his thoughts about being a part of XMW. He wrote it himself last night and so it would be an ideal substitute for him. Now if you would mind, we are almost out of time here and he (points to the man standing at the door) will escort you out.

(The interviewer along with the cameraman is escorted out of the building. Once they sit in their car, he opens the piece of paper and reads the contents)


(He is shocked when he realizes that the entire thing is written in blood)

Reply Skeptical
11:05 AM on June 19, 2013 

Fade in to misty blackness. A tall silhouette appears within the smog.

Let me tell you a story.

The figure deftly lights a cigarette, taking a long deliberate drag before continuing his speech.

Many years ago, a child was born into a family of great wealth and prosperity. His parents provided everything one could fathom – except their presence. They were too busy to be there for their child but surrounded him with the finer things in life.

That child grew up into a young man with a warped perspective of life. Emotionally hollow. Obsessed with materialism. A soulless carbon copy of a product that has swept the market and far exceeded its demand.The reflection of a selfish, decadent Capitalist society.

Such a mentality did not lend itself to success. The young man lived off his parents; meandering from place to place, searching in vain for somewhere he belonged.  He thought he had found his calling as a professional wrestler, but soon found he lacked the passion for the sport.

He lacked the passion for ANYTHING yet consumption.

His parents reached a tragic end. Even with their death, he felt nothing.

The black smoke slowly dissipates to reveal a churchyard. Wearing an old leather jacket and ripped jean shorts, Skeptical stands among the tombstones. The sun is setting on a warm summer day.

That young man died soon after his parents...

I was reborn. A clean slate. A new beginning. One fateful night, I was startled from my sleep by a blinding light. As my eyes adjusted, an angelic being of ethereal beauty stood before me. The righteous Lord had sent a heavenly messenger to give me a second chance.

Skeptical brushes his long ragged hair from his face.

I don't want to hurt you, Shawn. I want to help you.

I, too, lived a life of blasphemy and sin. I committed unspeakable crimes. I turned to darkness, my very essence consumed by Satan, but there is hope for us all. He is a benevolent God, willing to forgive the worst of man. Repent for your wrongdoing and seek His redemption.

Please. Let me save you.

The scene fades to black as Skeptical solemnly bows his head.

Reply Jimmy Krauss
8:21 AM on June 19, 2013 

Jonathon Visayan?

This is the name of the joke I’ll be facing on Affliction in my debut. After thinking about it, I get quite embarrassed because he’s a talentless moron with nothing to offer. I guess this will just be another easy win and it’s a shame that those watching from home won’t be able to see me annihilate him. Yes, this will be a dark match and I’m quite upset about it. I guess I’ll have to impress management before I could impress the rest of the world. Well Jon, I hope you’re preparing yourself to enter the ring with me because in that ring, it won’t all be pretty. I’m going to personally bash your head open and publicly humiliate you in front of the thousands of people watching live! You’ve got no chance in hell and I’m looking forward to entering that ring and showing everyone what xtreme rules really is! I will not show any mercy on you Jon, I will just continuously beat down on you until every last drop of blood is shed and you’ll be on your knees, BEGGING ME, to stop inflicting damage on you. Though, as I said, I will not show any mercy. I could beat you half to death for all I care but I am the Xtreme Xecutionist! Nothing can stop me from doing what I must, and I MUST get noticed. You’re going to be embarrassed, humiliated, and you won’t enjoy the beating I give to you. The clock is counting down, and Affliction will be here before you know it, so I hope you’re ready for the most brutal match up in all of history. Only time will tell, and you’ll just end up laying there on the ground, speechless, unmovable, paralyzed, xtinguished. Nothing can help you.


The Beginning?

Everyone, this is just the beginning of a great run. I entered XMW with the intentions to go far, and I’m not going to put those intentions to the side. I’m going to personally break away every single superstar around me, there will not be ANY mercy. There will be no remorse as I get the one two three, and I won’t show any sympathy whatsoever to my victims. I’ll destroy whomever feels they must get in my way. I will only knock them down, and I will embarrass them. There’s nothing that could stop me from reaching that XMW championship. My match is ironically not going to be live, so therefore it won’t count for this Road to Gold tournament. I suppose I must win it quickly, and then when I enter the real big shows, I’ll impress the world there. That XMW World Heavyweight Championship is as good as mine, so therefore I’ll break through the walls and completely desolate the competition. I’ll make sure that the beginning is great, and make my impact with swift moves and a quick victory. Not only will it be quick though, but I will also use a mixture of weapons to take down my competition. There is going to be hell breaking loose now that I’ve arrived, and it has yet to begin but it surely will soon. Eventually, I’ll be among the best. And NOTHING can stop the best from being the best. The beginning will start with Jimmy Krauss taking out Jonathon Visayan…


Reply Spitta Andretti
3:39 PM on June 17, 2013 

(( Scene starts off as Spitta is walking around backstage as Ashtre Wallace is right by him, shaking his head and laughing, pointing towards the camera. ))

Ashtre Wallace: This cac named "Raven" that bird looking ass dude, said my name is "Ashten" or some shit. I'm not "Ashten Cross" by fact, I have no damn idea on who that is. Never met that scrub in my life.. I am ASHTRE WALLACE! Not no Ashten Cross fuckboy. Dude got me real mad talking bout some guy I don't even know.

Spitta Andretti: True that lil homie, true that. Lame ass dude was talking about the "jungle" like we're some kind of jungle cats & shit. I'm not no damn jungle animal my nigga, I am the best wrestler in the world. I know damn well I am, I am the best in this  little match you got here. I know damn well we will see that coming Affliction tomorrow. I don't play no games, fuckboy.

(( Spitta is shown shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders as Ashtre laughs in the background ))

Ashtre Wallace: Then we have this old lame ass Nick Angel dude giving us a speech on him saying he's not a wrestler or some shit. I don't know, I didn't pay attention to that bullshit. All I know is that the dude is lame. When I mean lame, I mean really fucking lame. I can't believe this nigga tried to give us a damn speech on his life. I don't need no life story fuckboy, I want to get down to business and whoop your ass in that ring like all of us damn know I will be doing. I know that me & Spitta will come out victorious simply because of our past careers coming forth into XMW. Just remember all the shit you both have said when we mop your ass all over that ring.

Spitta Andretti: I feel your frustration my brotha, but we can't let these clowns get to us. We gotta be prepared for what is coming tomorrow, and that is an ass whooping like we've done all of our lives. Show no mercy to these clowns, give them the Mike Tyson knockout blow, wreck their shit like a young Lawrence Taylor did to all of those clowns in the NFL. We gotta keep it smooth, keep it pushing and just wait for tomorrow to unleash hell. Not through talking, through wrestling and beating them.. As we know we can.

Ashtre Wallace: Yeah, I feel you. Just these fuckboys got me hype & shit. I'm still mad at the fact that dude thinks I'm some Ashten Cross ass nigga, like that ain't me. I don't even know a guy named Ashten, never met this dude and this guy has the balls to bring up a little no name ass nigga I don't even know. Fuck kind of shit is that?

Spitta Andretti: Nah, it's cool.. Just remember who we are. Remember what we are gonna do to these cacs come tomorrow night, go out there on the very first Affliction and just dominate them dudes in that ring.


Reply Spitta Andretti
3:38 PM on June 17, 2013 

(( Ashtre is shown folding his arms and mean mugging the camera as Spitta is shown laughing at him ))

Ashtre Wallace: You think this is funny, Spitta?

Spitta Andretti: It really is though, you getting all hype and all made over some dude you don't even know talking about a dude you don't even know! Word, you are comical as fuck.

Ashtre Wallace: I wasn't comical last night when your sister told me to come over at 2 in the morning to put the pounding on that ass.

Spitta Andretti: Shut up fool, I'll beat yo ass if you talk about my sister.

Ashtre Wallace: You should beat her ass, I ain't tell her to come after me.

Spitta Andretti: Word, I'm still beating yo ass though.

(( Ashtre is shown running off backstage as Spitta is shown chasing after him as fast as he can. Ashtre slows down and begins to talk to Spitta. ))

Ashtre Wallace: Spitta, you know we gotta work as a team come tomorrow right?

Spitta Andretti: Yeah I know that fuckboy, but you still mentioned my sister. That shit ain't yo business to put it out there like that.

Ashtre Wallace: Word, my bad. Let's leave your sister behind us and worry about this match come tomorrow. We gotta be on our top game.. We gotta face 2 teams my dude.

Spitta Andretti: Nah I feel you, just don't mention my sister again fuckboy. But back to the topic at hand, I'll be prepared come tomorrow because well, I am Spitta Andretti, and yeah. That's all I really need to say. Just look at my past history, I am a force to be fucked with. Come tomorrow, these lame ass dudes will see.

(( Scene begins to fade to black as Spitta and Ashtre are joking around, laughing and shit as the scene ends. ))

Reply Dave Dudemeister
3:26 PM on June 17, 2013 

*** Dave is seen in a hotel in Orlando. Jimmy of XMW knocks on the door. ***

Jimmy: Mr. Dudemeister? Could we get a few thoughts from you on your upcoming match?

Dave: I have a match? Gnarly.

Jimmy: Umm yes. You have a fatal four way match against Zevon Zion, Roderick Richards, and MAck Daddy.

Dave: Whoa man, you are like totally talking to fast, can you speak a little slower, and in English maybe?

Jimmy: *sigh* You...Have...A...Match...Against...Zevon...Zion....Roderick...Richards...and...Mack...Daddy.

Dave: I have a match? Holy crap!

Jimmy: Yes you idiot. You have a match! Can we get your thoughts on your opponents

Dave: Yeah yeah bro. Zevon Zion. His initials are Double Z because he causes viewers to fall asleep. Like a good blunt. Mack Daddy. You know I once had a supplier named Mack. Bet yhis Mack is nowhere near as cool as my old supplier. Man he had some primo stuff. Too bad he tried licking that toaster. RIP Mack. I love ya bro. And who is my third opponent?

JImmy: Roderick Richards.

Dave: (snickering) You said Dick.

JImmy: No I said rick as in Roderick.

Dave: Yeah but Richards is another word for Dick (laughs)

Jimmy: You are the biggest idiot in XMW history. I hope you lose this week.

Dave: Your head looks like a talking cheeseburger. Speaking of anyone got any cheeseburgers in here?

*** JImmy leaves the hotel room. The camera cuts to Jimmy outside as Dave raids the mini-bar. ***

JImmy: I hope XMW is not covering his hotel expenses. His room service bill would bankrupt us.

Reply Skeptical
12:02 AM on June 17, 2013 

Fade in to misty darkness. The shadow of a man looms in the distance.

It’s been a while.

We hear a clicking sound as the man lights what is presumably a cigarette. Its end glows orange amidst the dull swirling fog.

A while since I last stepped through the ropes of a wrestling ring. Maybe you remember. Maybe you don’t. But I certainly do. The roar of the crowd. The adrenaline pumping through my veins.

Many believed I was destined for greatness. Not to sound conceited but I cannot blame them. I was in perfect physical condition with extensive training from the finest dojos in Japan. The entire roster, from enhancement talent to main event stars, watched with baited breath as I crushed ANY opposition. I had the world at my feet.

But I had no passion. The ability was there, but without passion, there was only so far I could go.

In just a few months… I was gone.

The man sighs heavily and steps out of the shadows to reveal Skeptical, although he is barely recognizable. No longer clean cut and presentable, this Skeptical has long ragged brown hair, wearing an old leather jacket and torn jean shorts.

Not this time.

Skeptical bows his head as the scene slowly fades to pure blackness.

Reply Roderick Richards
1:56 PM on June 16, 2013 

The Start

The scene opens up in the backstage area of the arena as the fans in the background buzz in excitement. The long white halls seem to be endless as the camera slowly paces through them. Every nook and cranny holds is filled with equipment, XMW superstars who talk amongst one another and XMW staff, making sure the show does go on. The camera man pauses at a door drenched in black with a small name plate slapped over the door reading Roderick. An interviewer slides in front of the camera man, dressed neatly in a grey suit, he fixes his tie and with a microphone in hand, bursts into the door. Simply sitting there, Roderick takes no notice of the interruption, rather appears to ignore the interviewer. Roderick then just begins to speak.


There are matches where you can’t pre-determine an outcome, matches where you don’t know if you will walk out the victor or the defeated. The thing is, there is a simple answer to that and that answer is being the best in the world today . See the thing is, Zevon Zion, along with the other guys in this match have worked their ass off this past week trying to make themselves believe he has they have the ability to beat me, believe that they in the same league as me but it’s just simply futile.


Ever heard of social Darwinism? Where one race is superior to another? It’s a theory that can be translated into the wrestling world where I am the far more superior athlete while Zion and others are the inferior one. Now, in social Darwinism, you either care for or remove that inferior race but I simply don’t care for Neither of the men i face or as a matter of fact anyone else in this company so I have no choice but to remove them.


Reply Jimmy Krauss
12:21 PM on June 16, 2013 


What Has Happened To Wrestling?

Well I’ll tell you EXACTLY what happened. Hypocrites, Movie stars, liars, cheaters, and absolute losers chose to join the wrestling business and what’s coming out of this? The death of wrestling is the answer to that question, and it’s the only answer possible. I’ve looked at people in this company, I’ve looked all these people in their eyes and I’ve realized that they all want the same exact thing; Fame, money, models to sleep with. What else? Nothing. They aren’t here for the sport of wrestling, for the adrenaline that beating a man half to death gives you. All they want to do is act like fools on the microphone and fit in as much stage time as they can. Well honestly, I’m SICK of it. I’m going to show each and every one of those superstars backstage what real wrestling is. I’m not going to go easy on them either, I’m going to express my hatred by setting an example, by showing the world what true wrestling is, and I’m going to beat them with a chair, a barbed wire bat, a sledge hammer, ANYTHING. I’ll do ANYTHING to show them what true wrestling is. I’ll teach them a lesson, I’ll make them pay for their mistakes, and I’ll bring extreme wrestling back to the big picture.

Who Am I?

Many of you have asked who I am. I’ll tell you all exactly who I am, I’m Jimmy Krauss and I’m the newest addition to XMW. I’m not one of those fake Hollywood stunt artists who plan on getting big, I’m the REAL THING. I’m here to show the world what true wrestling is, and I’m putting the X in Xtreme. Nothing is going to stop me from doing so. As XMW’s newest addition, I also have goals coming into this company. My first goal is to make a name for myself and I can easily do that by beating a man to a bloody pulp in which their body acts as if it’s a sponge being squeezed so that their blood is oozing out from all parts of their body and I’ll make pain be the only thing they could feel. Pain, pain, and even more PAIN. Not only do a plan on bringing pain to these victims but I also intend on breaking bones and tearing flesh apart. There isn’t going to be anything they can do from stopping the classic closure or reality check from being executed, and when they are locked in the diabolic dilemma than it’ll be the last thing they’ll know. It’s either they tap out, or they snap. LITERALLY. Not only do I plan on making an impression, but in a matter of time I plan on holding that XMW Championship…

What Is In Store For XMW?

Well just let me tell you all this, XMW will never be the same after I make my debut. Whether it’s from me ending careers or capturing gold, nothing will EVER be the same as it was. My career has yet to shoot off and I already know that I’m better than everyone backstage. It’s pathetic in my opinion, but with wrestling as it is today, what can you expect? Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling is the name of this company and I plan on putting the X and W into XMW, and the Mayhem will just be a result of my actions. XMW has witnessed it’s savior, and a new beginning.


Reply Ken Razor
11:49 PM on June 15, 2013 

A person sitting in a chair watching a commercial about XMW  on the T.V and the commercial is interrupted by blades cutting through and it ripping away to Ken Razor standing there.

Ken Razor: the following announcement has been paid for by me. I'm going to go ahead and use this time to inform everyone watching this that I am not here for friends. I didn't come here to be a "company man". I came here for one reason....to hurt people. XMW is the most hardcore place I had to check it out. All matches hardcore no rules just pure Anarchy? Sounds like home to me. I'm excited, I get to destroy 2 people in one match lionheart, and the Deity. These two have no idea what they are in for. I don't care what they've done or who they've beaten before, I promise you they have NEVER and will NEVER face anyone with as much recklessness as me. My nickname is not Amazing because of my athleticism, my nickname is Amazing because of the pure and utter destruction I lay in my wake every time I'm in the middle of the squared circle win lose or draw. You may now go back to whatever crap you where watching.

The T.V screen fades to and XMW logo then back to the regular commercial and the chair swings around to show Razor sitting in the chair.

I just love that commercial don't you....Lionheart, Deity take a sick day...don't show up. Save yourself the pain and embarrassment of being taken apart limb by limb by me. I will have no remorse and the little dude that tells one right from wrong turned in his resignation  papers a long time ago. But should you decide to show up to the event don't get mad when I carve you up!

Ken turns back around facing the TV as the scene fades out.  


Reply Sterling Fontaine
11:45 PM on June 14, 2013 

The following paid service interjection has been paid by the one of the two equals of the Fontaine's; Sterling Fontaine. The upcoming announcement cautions the viewers as this may include: Crude language, adult themes, and smash-mouth--hard hitting scenes. This preview has been approved of the given rating: X.


(The scene fades into a birds-eye view of a clip of a younger Sterling Fontaine; around 18 years of age or so. Sterling is being chased down by a man in his Mercedes on the interstate highways in Florida. As the clip plays, Sterling is heard talking in the background)


I don't know what I did, who he was, and why it was all happening, but here is what I do remember: Rush Hour was upon us onto the highway; I was drifting down, passing car by car in my Aston Martin, but his Mercedes easily matched it, as he was hitting up against my rear bumper. I stepped onto the accelerator, trying to go as fast as I could. As we kept going, the road began clearing up, and it ended up just being a chase between me and him. I remember pulling down my window, and take a slight peak outside of it to see where the man was. He was still right on my tail, and that's when I saw it. He had a gun. Right at that moment, he took a shot at my car, I swerved, trying to dodge it and get away from the bullet, but then an oncoming car that I did not take notice of forced me right back into the line of fire. The bullet went straight through my windshield, I leaned the car to my left, but the bullet gazed right through my arm. I remember screaming in agony, but still pushing onto the gas pedal. The blood began gushing out of my arm, but I didn't even waste time to check on it as I kept going. I began swerving from right to left trying to get away, but he stayed on my tail, bumping into my rear bumper again, knocking me into the main road. The man shot at me once more, at the same time I had to avoid the bullet, I also had to lean to my right to avoid a pedestrian. The bullet ended up shattering my wing mirror, and a piece of the glass shot up and cut my cheek, leaving a trickle of blood down my cheek. I took a sharp turn down a side street, but before I could realize what I have done, it was already too late. Right when I was turning, the man smashed right into the side of my car, and I began to spin out of control. I ended up smashing right into the lamp post, and right before I could even see where the man was, the airbag ended up shooting out as I blacked out.


(The next scene shows Sterling inside of a hospital laying on a hospital bed. Sterling's voice is heard again in the background as the scene is playing out.)


You would think I'd be mad, I was chased down, injured, and my car was smashed for a reason I can't even remember; but that night, I was not mad, I was actually having a feeling of adrenaline. It seems as if this feeling of danger was something I liked, just as much as I liked screwing a few broads and smoking a few joints, but this seemed to be more than that. That feeling of being on the high life, risking my life is what gets my heart racing, and it was something I wanted to do again. And that's exactly what I did.


(Clips of Sterling doing all kinds of daring stunts are played, such as: Drag races on random streets, gambling, drugs, and much more are shown as the camera shifts to Sterling outside standing in front of his car as two chicks are soaking it all up and washing it, as he takes a quick glance, and begins to talk.)


All of this, brings me to today. This is the rush I have been looking for. The ultimate and only stunt I have yet to conquer. But I am not going alone on this journey of adventure. My brother Colt and myself are going to make XMW our land. We are here for all of the riches, the fame, the glorification that this company will bring us. This is who we are. X-Rated will Run. This. Town.


(Scene fades)

Reply Colt Fontaine
11:12 PM on June 14, 2013 

~The camera drifts in where a man with long hair and is sitting on a leather couch with his shirt unbuttoned, hair hanging down, and dark pants and boots on.~


My name is Colt Fontaine.. and for the past 6 years I've dedicated my life to making some of the most outrageous music in the history of rock n' roll.  Yeh it was a fun time.. kicking back on the tour bus during the day and hosting kick ass parties at night.  Walking center stage with my guitar in my hand and just playing my heart out for all of those screaming fans in the audience are memories that I will never forget.  In every city across the United States that I performed in, was in front of a sell out crowd.  And after each show I would run into a groupie or two, take them back to my hotel room and bang the shit out of them.  That was my life for 6 almost 7 years and I enjoyed every twist and turn that came with it.  I mean what more could a guy my age have asked for?  Success, Money, Power, Fame, Women, that's the American Dream baybeh!  But now I want more, I want more fame, more money, more women.. so I took a little detoured rout on my World Tour Map and came to the XMW!  Where Extreme Wrestling meets Mayhem and Havoc.  And in a World like the one we live in today, it's hard not to find that kind of stuff.  There's mayhem in the White House, in the Streets.. now we have kids taking guns to school and folks trying to blow shit up at Marathons.  Just look around this country, this entire world is going straight to hell and there's nothing any of us can do about it... so we might as well live it up, have a little fun, bang a couple chicks, and smoke a little pot on the ride there right?


Living life to the fullest is what I'm talking about here.  People are so stressed out these days about not having this and not having enough of that, so live it up.  You need money?  Get a Job and make money.  You need a car?  Go outside and steal one.  You want your wife to stop nagging you about being lazy?  Send her to me.. and I'll be sure to give her what she needs, which will be more than what she can.. "handle" I'm sure.


Now I'm not the type who likes to stand up and give a long speech because really who has the time for that these days?  Well besides every single nobody here.  But of course they would have time to do that just look at where they are.  The XMW!  No offense, but this place isn't exactly known for its longevity.  Seriously how many times have we seen the words Grand Opening or Reopening hanging over the stage?  And how many times have we seen it shut down within a month or two?  Too many to count right?  And do you know why that is.. it's because of people like Ashten Cross, Nick Angel, and Chris Elite who come here with promises of a better and more financial stable company than the other, but fall flat on accomplishing it.  It's not their fault that they're inadequate, it's the Owner's fault.  Jacob Steele is the one who continues to invest all of his life savings into these pussies and pricks, only to be left out on the ledge by himself in the end.  Jacob this is me okay, if you need help just call me, I'll give you a loan and help you make this company a better place.  Here you go.


~Takes out a stack of dough from his pocket and lauches it at the camera lense~


Take that and be sure to purchase me some stocks in this little operation you've got going on.  I think that you would have much more success in pulling teeth rather than raising the dead, but hey I support your dream.. as bizarre as it may be.  Because the Fontaine Brothers aka X-RATED are only here for the XMW's Protection.


~Two women fill the spots on the couch to Colt's left and right.  He throws his arms behind their heads and winks at the camera before it fades to black.~



Reply GM Of Affliction Nick Angel
2:54 PM on June 14, 2013 

What are my intentions in this revival of Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling? Some could say in order to be the poster boy like in Final Battle 2011. Some could say my intentions are to be the cornerstone of this franchise and honestly….I feel like I know I can the man XMW could revolve around with. Yet….the one thing I want to verify is that wrestling is my character, from the very principal of my soul. It's purely noticeable that I have a different philosophy on the path to attainment and, for that matter, what interests the working man who uses their hard-earned money to be diverted in a spectacle presenting lacking personalities, in your view, such as myself. For people like the members of the Cleveland Cavaliers, diverting with your eye-catching personality is only part of the industry. There’s nothing wrong with that at all….yet it’s not ambitious. I’m a very ambitious man because I chip in to a very unlike practice of showbiz than the vast majority of you, however…..it’s not the end all be all. I give my audience a choice. They can accept a guy with a world of personality like the Cleveland Cavaliers, two guys who relates to them oh-so much not in the sense of riches, but that you have a character usual of the run-of-the-mill man who comes home from labor, turns on their television and gaze at the television watching ESPN until they fall asleep on their flea market acquired generous couch.....they can accept guys like that. Perhaps on the flip side of coin, they can weep in admiration of my strategic wisdom, my superior skill set that’s only expanding and the demeanor of a true superstar unlike anything that….anyone has seen in generations. I’m a once-in-a-generation superstar which can’t be said for my opponents.


I'm not a wrestler who’s lacking in depth in one sense… I don't offer the people the solitary selection of being with me or against me. I don't see things in black and white unlike many in XMW…or in this industry. I'll make sure that at the end of our battle….the main event….I want to show my tag team partner, my opponents when they walk back to the ramp to distinguish that there's much, much more to triumph in this world and in this industry than merely having individuality. I can sit here and certainly tell you that any guy can come up with a buzzcut or a fohawk with a half-assed motto and attempt to thrive, but if they don't actually possess any kind of polished skills, they're as good as done. That’s what I see in my opponents, they might be in the main event…..but only because they’re entertaining in the eyes of many and selling tickets for the wrong reasons. So what are my intentions in XMW? My intentions in Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling is to verify my ambitions…to show everyone else that I am, without hesitation, the best wrestler you'll face here or anywhere else. Usually... you're going to confront a wrestler with a motivation and the resolve to flourish….yet at the same time, they don’t possess the raw and natural talent essential to be eminent. What take place when you put those abilities together and have a wrestler with the resolve, the determination, the sentiment of a champion and the native skill essential to be great? That's when you get Nick Angel. You can laugh at my statements right now….call it cockiness, call it pride….it’s not my job to change everyone’s verdict. My job is to be the cornerstone of the franchise because I know for a fact that I possess the aptitude to become and what I already am. The show-biz of XMW. I know of my abilities, my fortes and my faintness. I make use of all I have to the finest of my capabilities in any and all situations and that's why I am what I am. I can defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers or anyone else, because why wouldn't I be able to? Simply on a given night….I’m not the better wrestler? Sure, I'll give you that, there is always a likelihood that I lose just as there is that I win, like any other wrestler. But my main point is…I possess all the talents to be great, I’ll be more than happy to verify this in the main event of Affiliction….to shine in the spotlight, in order for the crowd to be awe-struck of the performance I’m about to do.

Reply -
7:52 PM on June 13, 2013 

When I was told XMW would be reopening I suddenly started reminiscing about all the historic moments I was the protagonist and also the antagonist of in this company. The first memory that instantly popped up in my head was when I became the number one contender for the most important championship in XMW. I came so damn close to realizing my lifelong dream until an injury took it all away. I had to leave XMW and unfortunately by the time I was fully prepared to do what I do best once again, the doors of this company were closed. The first era of Xtreme Wrestling met it's demise in such a short period of time, but now things are generally different because XMW is back to stay and I am on my prime. I feel better than ever, I AM better than ever and not even ten injures would stop me from reaching the top of XMW's mountain and seizing the throne. In just a couple of days history will unquestionably be made when the world witnesses the inception of a new era in extreme wrestling. And not just a new era... THE era of Raven Styx and the black sheeps. This upcoming Tuesday at the Amway Center in Florida the place where I was born I will be welcoming the " Cleveland Cavaliers" and " XMW's Most Wanted" to MY jungle. I recently watched Ashtre's promo and I couldn't help but laugh. To be perfectly honest I initially thought he was actually TLA. I've been constantly wondering since I heard Ashtre's statement... what the hell happened to ASHTEN Cross? What did you do to the slayer, "Ashtre"? I was expecting to compete against someone of my caliber someone basically like Ashten Cross, but after seeing that promo I highly doubt that is going to happen. A man who used to surround himself with the all time greats NOW is in a tag team with... Spitta? It's ridiculous how drastically a career can change. One of the best wrestlers in the world is now a joke. This is sad... really sad. You're destroying your OWN legacy by acting like a clueless buffoon and you fail to realize that. What a pity. Hopefully now that I am throwing some light on the truth you will open your eyes and be the savage beast you once were. Unleash that other side of you. Because THAT is the AShten I want to confront at Affliction. I want a legitimate challenge, a real obstacle. Not some guy who seemingly never had a good education. That isn't you and you know it. Regardless what side of you you decide to display next Tuesday I will do everything in my power to walk out of Affliction triumphant and get one step closer to what is rightfully MINE. The XMW World Heavyweight Championship... Don't think for a second I have forgotten about my other opponents. I almost did, but I didn't. As a matter of fact I intend to share my thoughts about them, but not now. Eventually obviously.. I got better things to do.

Reply Dave Dudemeister
12:43 AM on June 13, 2013 

*** Dave is seen sitting with some friends in his living room. A weird smoke is in the air. ***

Dave: Dude. All I am saying is, there is like there is a car. And it runs on water man. But we're not allowed to use them because Big Oil runs the government man. Pass the Fritos.

*** There is a knock on the door ***

Dave: Oh shit, hide the stuff man. Might be the pigs. *** To the door *** One second bro.

*** An XMW camera crew comes into the house. ***

Jimmy of XMW: Umm is this the home of Dave Dudemeister?

Dave: Err Dave's not here man.

Jimmy: Oh I'm sorry this must be the wrong place. We're looking for XMW's newest talent, Dave Dudemeister.

Dave: I joined XMW? Holy fucking asscrackers!

Jimmy: Err yes. You signed a contract and everything.

Dave: Tubular. There isn't gonna be a drug test is there.

Jimmy: Umm. No.

Dave: Tubular.

Jimmy: We'd like to ask you a few questions for an intro interview for XMW, if thats okay.

Dave: Maybe another time bro. I'm gonna go out and get a couple of pizzas. Want anything on yours bro?

Jimmy: The interview is kind of mandatory. IF you dont do it now, you'll be in big trouble.

***Dave falls asleep on the couch. ***

JImmy: Why the hell did XMW sign this idiot? Let's get out of here.

*** The camera crew leaves. Outside the house Jimmy is overheard. ***

Jimmy (offscreen): You know I wasn't hungry when I went in, but now I have a craving for Taco Bell? Anyone want some?

*** The camera fades to black ***

Reply Ashtre Wallace
6:19 PM on June 12, 2013 

(( The scene buzzes in to the backstage area of Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling. Ashtre Wallace & Spitta Andretti stand there while they  mean mug the camera. Ashtre Wallace looks over at Spitta Andretti and  knife edge chops him in the chest and tells him to speak up ))

Spitta Andretti - Yo yo yo my nigga!

Ashtre Wallace - It's time to educate these cacs on what we finna do in XMW.

Spitta  Andretti - I feel you bruh, it's our time to arrive here at XMW and  show these fools on how real Brooklyn niggas do it out here.

Ashtre Wallace - I'm from Charlotte, nigga.

Spitta Andretti - Well I'm from Brooklyn so I gotta show true dedication to da streets I grew up in. Fuck yo Charlotte ass nigga.

Ashtre Wallace - Yo moms smell like straight cow ass breh.

Spitta Andretti - That's not what she said when I arrived at her spot with a bucket of KFC my nigga. She was straight smashing that shit. She was talm bout "Oh Spitta, you're my favorite" and shit. Shaking my head at yo dumbass nigga.

(( Ashtre Wallace looks at Spitta Andretti in disbelief )))

Ashtre  Wallace - OK OK. We gotta work as a unit if you want the team to  continue to go breh. We need to spit that knowledge to these cacs in our  match on the first episode of XMW Affliction ya heard? 

(( Spitta Andretti  shrugs his shoulders & taking a deep breathe ))

Spitta Andretti - I feel ya bruh. You know I got love for ya Moms my nigga. 

Ashtre Wallace - Hahahaha, but you know our motto... WE DON'T LOVE THESE HOES. 

(( Ashtre pops his collar ))

Spitta Andretti - Nah  I feel ya bruh. It's time to get down to business. To tell these fools  what we are really here for, what we were brought here to do. What we are gonna do when we hit that stage for the first time bruh. Time to take XMW to the EXTREME, and show them how some modern age "gangsta" do business in that squard circle. Talm bout going out there and winning  that tag team gold bruh. Nothing can stop us because I know the talent  between us is unmeasurable.